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Here I will compile a series of blog entries that touch on the greater context of history and its preservation.

Blowing the Dust off our Securitate Dossiers is about the beginning of my journey back into the past of my family’s communist days. I have began the formal process of applying to Romanian authorities for access to our Securitate secret police files. This process will be detailed further in my new book.

Memories of my Communist Childhood – Growing Up Under the Red Banner is possibly my most emotional piece. It has been quoted in various online journals and is an article that I wrote about my experiences of growing up as a pioneer in the Romanian communist utopia of Nicolae Ceausescu, during the Golden Epoch of our fatherland.

The Haunting of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose is a secondary article I wrote months after my original C for Courage article (mentioned below). It is a continuation on the topic of Sophie and the White Rose, and how we are all connected to the story.

C for Courage, F for Freedom, R for Resistance – Sophie Scholl and V for Vendetta – a contrast of ideologies – a reflection on the films, as well as different contrasting different approaches to political action. If this link doesn’t work, just do a search in my blog search box for this article

Losing our Memories and Past because of Digital Photography examines the link between digital photography and a trend toward less printed/hard copy photos that are less likely to be wiped out than digital content – and how this affects our pictoral history for generations to come.

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