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Sport Category Entries – various entries written during the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Olympics

Fencing Love and Hate is a personal piece detailing my conflicting relationship with fencing

Beijing 2008: Top 10 Olympic Scandals, Hissy Fits and Tantrums – Ever wonder about the scandals and various dramas of the Beijing 2008 Olympics? Look no further than this post. Ever heard the phrase: “it’s not about winning – it’s about the struggle and the journey”? Read about the athletes who would disagree with this.

Berlin, Beijing: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors, a Monster Rears its Ugly Head – if something about Beijing’s Olympics is nagging at you like an itchy sense of deja vu, it’s because you’ve seen it before – the Nazi-organized 1936 Berlin Olympics, which was organized flawlessly, put on as a display of Aryan superiority, but at its core retained the subjugation of millions of people unable to speak their minds or even think for themselves.

2012 Olympics: Sherraine vs. Hungary – if taking on another epeeist wasn’t enough, how about taking on an entire country?

Why Canadian Fencing Sucks Big-Time – the truth about why fencing sucks, especially in Canada

Another reason why fencing sucks big-time in Canada – an addendum to the previous post

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