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This section will grow as I add more travel-related articles and add descriptions for each post. Please check back soon.

A Winter Wonderland at Grail Springs Wellness Retreat

Tracing the Footsteps of Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil – a journey through Elizabeth Bishop’s Brazil, in photos

Traveling through Transylvania in Search of the Real Dracula – the Romanian reality behind the myth

Rumania, Rumania…Lost like the Song

Just Back from London 

Copyrighting God: Celibacy, Wealth, and the Gluttony of the Catholic Church – reflections on my visits to Rome and the Vatican

Memories of My Communist Childhood – Growing Up Under the Red Banner

The Cuban Regime is that much closer to its Inevitable End

Reflecting on My Visit to Cuba

How to Do a Midnight Run Without Getting Caught – on the joys and perils of being an English teacher in South Korea, and what to do when you want to get out of your contract

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