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Here is the home of my collection of blogs on politics, ideology, and revolution.

An Open Letter to Canadian Media – in light of Bill C-51, I consider this article to be among the most important pieces I’ve ever written

White Lies: How the CBC Ripped Off My Story in 1998 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) made a movie that exploited and capitalized on my life. Problem is, they didn’t bother to tell me about it

The Road Less Travelled: Authenticity in the Age of Indifference an article about integrity and authenticity 

Race Traitor MEDIA LIBRARY – a comprehensive but not complete media library to detail the situations described in my memoir Race Traitor

Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence’s Greatest Cover-Up the most controversial book you’re going to read about Canada’s spy network.

I Know What It’s Like Not To Be Believed – where I expose the hypocrisy of mainstream media, notably the CBC, as well as the issue (and value) of witnesses in the criminal justice system

The Dubious Adventures of Grant Bristow, or How CSIS Taught Me Everything I Know About Phone Hacking The truth about what really happened in the 1990s and CSIS’ role in creating a white supremacist pseudo-terrorist organization in Toronto. This article depicts what agent provocateur Grant Bristow did to stir up criminal activity, and what I did as a teenager to shut them down.

The Girl in the Picture is Me I wrote this as a confession about my own past and to finally answer the questions as to why I have used different names and lived in different cities and provinces for over a decade.

Norway’s attacks – debunking the terrorist myth  A perfect example of how the tragic events of recent times are incongruent with publishers’ rose-coloured glasses – and why, if you have a story that can reach the masses, you owe it to yourself to put it out there.

Phone Hacking Deja Vu When past and present collide, and mass media /publishers are oblivious

Blowing the Dust off our Securitate Dossiers is about the beginning of my journey back into the past of my family’s communist days. I have began the formal process of applying to Romanian authorities for access to our Securitate secret police files. This process will be detailed further in my new book.

Memories of my Communist Childhood – Growing Up Under the Red Banner is possibly my most emotional piece. It has been quoted in various online journals and is an article that I wrote about my experiences of growing up as a pioneer in the Romanian communist utopia of Nicolae Ceausescu, during the Golden Epoch of our Fatherland.

The Cuban Regime is that much closer to its inevitable end is a sarcastic little piece penned as homage to the momentous day when Fidel stepped down as Supreme God of his little kingdom of Cuba

Reflecting on my visit to Cuba thoughts on witnessing the oppression of Fidel Castro’s dictatorship

The Coming-War-in-the-Arctic brings together a series of events that predict a new world war over Arctic resources

Why the Conservatives are Committing Political Suicide questions the idiotic election platform of the 2007 Ontario Conservative Party that seeks to divide schoolchildren along religious lines by funding all faith-based schools

Blogging for Independence in Burma discusses how the age of internet has allowed Burmese bloggers to let the world know about the brimming revolution in their country

My Correspondence with a Tibetan Nun includes a letter I received from a young Tibetan nun in exile, and offers a commentary on the oppression of Tibet by Chinese authorities

The Haunting of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose is a secondary article I wrote months after my original C for Courage article (mentioned below). It is a continuation on the topic of Sophie and the White Rose, and how we are all connected to the story.

C for Courage, F for Freedom, R for Resistance – Sophie Scholl and V for Vendetta – a contrast of ideologies – a reflection on the films, as well as different contrasting different approaches to political action. If this link doesn’t work, just do a search in my blog search box for this article

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