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 Elisa and Bella sept2015     Elisa backcover

My name is Elisa Hategan. I’m an author, public speaker, educator on far-right extremism and freelance journalist who has been publishing in various print and digital media for more than a decade. I am also the Executive Director of the non-profit charitable organization The Changemaker Project, and serve as Regional Coordinator for Canada and the United States for Against Violent Extremism (AVE), a global network of former extremists and survivors of extremist violence working in partnership with ISDGlobal, a London, UK NGO and think tank creating operational responses to violent extremism and radicalization.

I am active in the literary community, host a writers online group and run a couple of blogs. I am a multiple Toronto Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council grants winner, as well as served as a judge on an OAC panel.

As a teenager, I was the inspiration behind the 1998 CBC film WHITE LIES, which starred Sarah Polley as a fictionalized me. My story has since been published in the memoir Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence’s Greatest Cover-Up.

I am a renowned public speaker and subject matter expert on anti-racism, extremist political movements and terrorist recruitment tactics. I have been interviewed by CBC, CTV, CityTV, Global TV, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe & Mail, Metro News, Macleans, Newsweek Magazine, Now Magazine, Xtra, Vision TV, Ottawa Citizen, Canadian Jewish News and various local and international media. I have also appeared as a keynote speaker for Toronto City Hall, LGBT, Jewish and community groups and high schools throughout Canada.

My interests are eclectic and wide-ranging. I have a BA from the University of Ottawa (in Criminology and Psychology), a Journalism certificate from Michigan State University and I’m studying Social Media Marketing at George Brown College. I’m also studying for a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.

My website is My memoir Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence Service’s Greatest Cover-Up, is available on Amazon and Kobo, as well as select bookstores.

My articles have been published in Canadian Jewish News, NOW Magazine and Macleans Magazine. My poetry has appeared in several prestigious literary journals such as Grain Magazine, the Fiddlehead and Contemporary Verse 2. I’ve also published several books under a couple of pseudonyms, so developing different author brands comes naturally for me.

To that end, I have assisted several individuals in producing book-length material. I offer ghostwriting, editorial and marketing services to anyone who needs written content but may not have the time to research and/or produce large amounts of writing within a tight deadline. I am also an experienced social media strategist who guides businesses, non-profits and artists in setting up, managing and maximizing their online presence.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. James Aire said

    I think that this project is worthwhile. It is important for everyone to realise that free of thought should not be curtailed by the middle men and brokers of the publishing industry. We have to understand the political economic censorship that makes our hallowed freedoms a sham. We should finally see that this type of repression is present in every aspect of our lives, in the media, food, housing, travel, medical care, etc. We are so radically un-free that our writers beg to be published and construct their writings to suit the criteria of the official, hegemonic paradigm – “writers” self-censor so that they can be published. This is not a state of freedom and we should revolt against it by any means necessary, to borrow a phrase.

  2. Elisa said

    James, I’m glad you stumbled upon this site and left an encouraging mark here! Always happy to encounter a fellow writer who is as determined to break this system of mediocrity that has come to define the art of writing today.

    We need as many of us as possible to revolt, to put the publishing industry out of business by self-publishing and self-advertising ourselves shamelessly. By any means necessary. Thanks for your support.

  3. I found your site only today and have not had a chance to peruse all of your work. From what I have read thus far, I really dig your style, openness, and brutal honesty. I will be a regular visitor to your site and feel a kindred spirit with you.

  4. Elisa said

    Thanks, Johnnypeppers. Glad you liked this site! I’ll be checking out your blog also, and from what I’ve seen I really like your sense of humour 🙂

  5. […] as well as the Chinese (it can’t have hurt that he sells mobile phones!).  Here’s an excerpt from a blog post written by a Canadian Eastern European […]

  6. RevGreg said

    I think you are a wonderful young woman, and are doing good important work. I own (Christian if it matters) a non profit humanitarian mission and plan on a trip to Kosovo soon. I feel they are in for a difficult time. Nevertheless keep the fire burning sister. ; {>

  7. David said

    Pretty outgoing of me to make two posts in one night to your blog, but that is what good writing does: draws other people out and encourages them. I am starting another move now, so will be gone for a month or so. I certainly like what I’ve read here so far.

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