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wrapping up some unfinished business

Posted by E on November 30, 2010

Soon I’ll be on my way to my old alma mater, Ottawa U, to take care of some business that I’ve been procrastinating about. Since I never contemplated the possibility of going back to school or enrolling in postgrad courses, I never bothered to change all my admin and degree paperwork. This kind of laziness does come back to bite you in the ass, however, if you’re ever inclined to enroll in any sort of program where they want to see your transcripts.

Since my official name change some years ago, all my new ID has come in except for the academic stuff. And of course the stupid university doesn’t have any other way of handling this sort of thing unless presented with all the original name-change paperwork AND a secret ID number – which you can’t obtain unless -again- you’re there in person. Pretty retarded policies, but tackling Ottawa’s bureaucracies is not something I am keen on doing — particularly since I’m not a francophone to begin with, which does tend to put you outside of the secretarial dept’s direct line of favours.
Ugh…..I have to remind myself that at some point, this trek back to the capital IS going to be worth it — especially if I gorge on beavertails in the Market and stock up on dozens of deep-fried samosas from herb & Spice. These factors alone make this journey so much more…apetizing 😛

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A few of my favourite things….

Posted by E on October 3, 2010


Haven’t had a whole lot of time to update this blog, but here goes. The Kindle arrived about a week or two ago, and after an obligatory growing-pains phase, which lasted approx. 2 days, I was hooked. I think I have more than 100 book samples on this thing, and I’m absolutely convinced that it’s the best e-reader out on the market today.

So what else is shiny and brand-spanking new? Well, news that my fellow writer friend Sofia is coming from Madrid to stay with us through the fall and into the new year. We haven’t seen each other in something like two years, and so much has happened in our professional lives since then — she’s signed with a huge Spanish publisher and will have her new book coming out very, very soon, and I’m on the verge of a potential book deal myself. That is, if I don’t change course and decide to alter the manuscript in order to appeal to an even larger market.

This week I can also put behind all the manuscripts I’ve been deliberating over the last two and a half months. I’m sworn to secrecy — must abide by the confidentiality mandate of the complex process I’ve been part of, so I really can’t add any more details here — but suffice it to say, I’m relieved that the process is finally over, that I can now stop reading others’ work (as talented and briliant as so many of the projects were) and finally get back into the groove of my own writing.

I do feel terribly bittersweet about so many things that have happened this summer, about all the ups and downs I’ve endured as part of my road to publishing, but as of today, doors have closed and new windows have opened (sorry about the cliche). And so I cling to the safety of my favourite things: Sofia coming to stay with us once more, the Kindle being so spectacularly fabulous, the beautiful rust and gold leaves that are infusing the surrounding landscape, the smell of fall putting red apples in my cheeks, the cats prancing around in the garden, and the new possibilities surrounding my book projects… all in all, an autumn to look forward to 🙂

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