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From A to Z: the monetization of Facebook at your own expense

Posted by E on January 23, 2012

I’ll probably end up writing a more cohesive post on this tomorrow, but even if I don’t get around to it, I simply couldn’t resist depriving you guys of this cheeky image. It’s just one of those cases where the picture tells the entire story, all the way from Assange to Zuckerberg 😉

But seriously. With the latest Facebook changes that enforce Timeline and further losses of privacy, I am stepping back from Facebook. If I don’t know you personally, please don’t feel offended if I don’t accept your friend invite. However, you can follow my Author Page instead, and I’ll do the same for you if you have a page, etc. But I am otherwise done with Zuckerberg trying to improve his stock options on my information. There will be no more photos and information uploaded to my account(s) other than absolutely critical stuff that I need to share asap.

It’s time to rejoin the real world again.


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