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8 Things I Know

Posted by E on July 25, 2010

Thanks to Magpie Girl, I’m now inspired to answer this list of 8 things I know.

1. There is more to us than people are afraid to admit, or open themselves to.

2. When you want something badly enough and you persevere by pouring your entire heart, mind and passion into it, you WILL break through.

3. You can survive things you never imagined. You’re stronger than you think.

4. The act of NOT forgiving can sometimes liberate you more than anything else. There are things that simply cannot be forgiven, and acknowledging this does NOT make you an angry or bitter person, but an honest one.

5. That water CAN be thicker than blood, and you can make your own family when you don’t have one

6. That with an animal around, you are never truly alone…and can sometimes forge a stronger friendship than with a human being

7. That you have to take risks in order to grow, learn and understand. The only person who can tell you “No” is yourself.

8. It’s a tie! Between:
a) People like to put down what they don’t understand or are afraid of. And by NOT listening to their fears, you can achieve your greatest dreams.
b) That if someone doesn’t think you’re beautiful enough for them (insert: skinny enough, tall enough, blonde enough or dark enough, etc) they don’t really love you or themselves, and there will never be anyone good enough. Just walk away. You will be better for it.

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