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An open letter to my stalker

Posted by E on August 4, 2015

Elizabeth Moore shown in Choose Your Voice, 2005

Elizabeth Moore shown in Choose Your Voice, 2005

Hello Elizabeth,

for the record, I am deeply disturbed by the fact that you are stalking me on social media networks, and that you have communicated defamatory messages about me to other people in the last few months.

This cannot continue any more. It’s affected my health, stress levels, and has left me disturbed and fearing for my safety.

I recognize that you were upset by my February 2015 post White Lies: How the CBC Ripped Off My Story.

However, your behaviour since then has prompted me to write this post.

Over the last six months, I have noticed a pattern of stalking on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others, along with my WordPress blog site and my personal/business websites, where you have stalked me and subsequently disseminated defamatory messages about me to other individuals.

I am hereby informing you that as of today, if you repeat any such stalking behaviour – to me or anyone else you disseminate defamatory statements about me – that I will have no choice but to contact police and take legal action against you.

I am frightened and disturbed by your stalking – and what amounts to bullying behaviour – and I will have to seek a restraining order against you if I receive any evidence that you are still persisting in continuing to stalk me on social media networks – or any members of my family.

So, Elizabeth — STOP STALKING ME! I know you’re reading this and I’m writing this notice as an official message that I intend to go to the police – and I WILL go to the police – unless your stalking behaviour stops.

Please do NOT make me contact the police, because this will leave a permanent record of your name in the police database,


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