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Revealing Racism

Posted by E on August 23, 2012

I hesitated to write this post, because I am too astounded and angry to consider giving this shitty Revealing Eden book any more publicity than it’s already had, so instead I will post a couple of self-explanatory YouTube reviews.

The only thing I’ll say on the matter is this: the insane media hype has already given this Turner Diaries-esque book way too much publicity. The fact that Weird Tales> was planning to feature it centrally in its next issue, before they were forced to backtrack by the angry backlash, should be enough warning to all other writers to boycott and stay the hell away from ever submitting any material to Weird Tales and any other rags that hope for controversy to boost sales/traffic.

Once again, I’m reminded by the rejection letters I received from Random House and Douglas & McIntyre for Race Traitor, who stated that racism and white supremacy had basically become obsolete.
When you see shit like this book hit it big, you gotta wonder – Have they, really?


2 Responses to “Revealing Racism”

  1. Edna Ramirez said

    I find this a interesting subject. If you are planning to create more articles relating to this subject, I definitely will be back in the near future!

  2. Lester Murray said

    My friends, middle-aged with incomes approaching six figures, are predominantly racist. There are few blacks and even fewer Muslims in Cambridge, Ontario yet my social circles feel inundated with demands from a mythical, non-existent Muslim community to do God knows what. Quebec sees turbans and other head coverings as a ‘safety threat’ when playing soccer. The Toronto Sun advocates firing one across the bow of approaching Tamil ‘war ships’ filled with war criminals, terrorists and disease-ridden queue jumpers. The second shot would be mid-ship. The billionaire-owned mass media joined the Sun’s chorus in pre-judging the refugees. Mark Steyn was guilty. He should have been charged with a breach of the Hate Literature Section of the Criminal Code of Canada like Zundel. He’s a Brit racist so unless he’s joined the club, he’s deportable. Human Rights Commissions don’t have the power of the provincial and federal courts. The odd thing is I can only go a few inches on my facebook before racist sentiments are expressed and links provided to the most God awful racist smut. I have a talent for invective and go for the jugular (while receiving the obligaTORY death threats). I ask my detractors why the anti-racist receives all of the criticism and the racist none. No one tries to explain. Right or wrong, it is puzzling.

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