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Racists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are the REAL threat

Posted by E on August 6, 2012

Newsflash: in light of the most recent act of domestic terrorism in Wisconsin, I have to say this: extremist white supremacists will kill, and kill again. Anybody who thinks they are, like Breivik in Norway, only “crazed lone gunmen” have no clue as to the weaponry and training white supremacist groups have accumulated. They are in the army. They are your neighbours. And ignoring these facts won’t make the inevitable go away.

Domestic terrorists ARE a real threat. In many ways, one much more significant than the notion of a foreign-born Muslim extremist. Trust me, I know.

They don’t have to cross borders, or smuggle weapons. They’re already here, and they already have them. They’ve already received military training, and are just waiting for the right time to strike.

As many of you probably know, I’m a subject matter expert on racism and white supremacy. As a teenager I had a very close insider look at one of the most prominent and violent white supremacist, neo-Nazi organizations in North America, the Heritage Front. I wrote a memoir about being recruited at age 16 in one such group, and then detailed my journey out (by way of spying against, then testifying in open court).  My memoir was rejected multiple times before gaining the attention of Penguin Canada. Ultimately I turned my memoir into a fictionalized political thriller which again I tried to sell to no avail.

Publishers were leery. We don’t have white supremacists anymore, they said. It’s not a subject that will appeal to people. It’s not Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s not Twilight. It deals with ugliness and distasteful things, and therefore we cannot accept it.

So I published it myself. It is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive depiction of the recruitment process white supremacists use to enlist youngsters and naive individuals into their ranks. It depicts the mentality of racists and neo-Nazis, and how important music and comradeship is to brainwashing someone into hating to the point of murder.

SO – if you’re reading this and want to know how someone like Wade Michael Page destroyed lives before he went on his murderous rampage, take a look at my book. If you can’t afford it, let me know and I’ll put you on a list for a free copy. It’s very important to me to get the word out that this incident, unfortunately, will happen again. And knowledge is the first step in learning how to combat hate.


7 Responses to “Racists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are the REAL threat”

  1. White supremacy was always the greatest threat to world civilization – and always will be.

  2. […] by Maria on August 9, 2012 Elisa Hategan is the author of Race Traitor, a chillingly detailed autobiography detailing her recruitment into and escape from a white supremacist organization. Her follow up memoir, Alice in Writerland, describes her experiences working with a corrupt publishing industry complicit in supporting white supremacy by insisting that it does not exist. Commenting on the racist attacks in Wisconsin, she writes […]

  3. Red said

    ‘White supremisists don’t exist anymore’ is BS. Anyone who says this is downright naive and ignorant.

    ‘They don’t exist anymore’ according to what? Just because the media doesn’t report on them as widely as they once did? That because laws were past against racial discrimination, that automatically CHANGED PEOPLES ATTITUDES about race? No, that’s not how it works. Attitudes and thinking like that don’t just magically ‘ go away’ because you pass a few laws. Having a biracial president doesn’t change things either. Racists haven’t gone extinct. They KNOW, by and large, that society will out right reject such attitudes and action. No, they’ve just gotten more subtle, more covert and made themselves less obvious. They KNOW what announcing their attention intentions will do, so they hide them.

  4. JD said

    You are correct in identifying racists, neo-nazis and white supremacists as a threat. They are not the greatest threat to world civilization as the previous poster wrote, but it certainly is a threat. Ine the past century the greatest amounts of death and destruction by far were caused by Marxist, Leninist, Communist governments. Racists come in many colors and is a subject much broader than white supremacists. The white supremacist groups while engaging in violent acts regularly do not seem to commit homicide in groups. Breivik and Wade seem to have commited their murderous actions without support from any organization.
    They are a serious homegrown threat and should not be brushed off, but in the USA there seems to have been many more terror attacks by Muslim extremists, some foiled, others succeeding. Neo-Nazis seem to be mostly content with mob violence, rioting, and beating up individuals than with plotting and carrying out terror attacks.

    • White supremacists ARE the greatest threat to civilization. You talk of threats from the past that have less value today. You cannot name any present-day threat that is greater. You also cannot name any non-White racists because they simply do not exist – except to Whites like yourself who benefit from racism. You claim White mass murderers do not act in groups yet are members of White supremacist associations. You even claim that most terror threats come from Muslims, completely discounting the existence of the KKK and Timothy McVeigh, for example. You also do not mention the fact that the US government regularly colludes with terrorists to achieve its goals. Reality is obviously not your strong point.

  5. E said

    Unfortunately, white supremacists ARE among the greatest threats in the world today. You can blame the media for portraying them as a lot as crazed loners who don’t commit homicide in groups, who are not backed by an actual group, etc. But I can give you a list a mile long of all the organized racist attacks in North America alone in the last couple of decades, and this isn’t even including the Klan lynchings of the pre-WW2 era.
    Not only have white supremacists murdered scores of people, whether individually or via large-scale bombings (a la Timothy McVeigh), but they have attempted to take over the island of Dominica, as well as infiltrate several national political parties. You may remember David Duke, ex-Klansman who ran for president, or the Heritage Front in Canada infiltrating the right-wing Reform Party.

    Thing is, Lesson 101 for terrorists is keeping their mouths shut. Unlike popular impression, Muslim extremists operate in small-scale “cell” factions, and aren’t necessarily “backed by a big group.” In fact, most won’t ever hear about an action until it’s carried out. Same goes for radical communist factions, guerilla groups, and yes, even white supremacists.
    Anders Breivik was a member of an online skinhead white power group in Sweden. Wade Michael Page was not only a lead band member of a popular hate rock group, but also a member of the Hammerskins, an extremely nasty and violent white supremacist group described by the ADL as “the most violent and best-organized neo-Nazi skinhead group in the United States.” Canada’s Airborne Regiment was infiltrated by more white supremacists than i’d care to remember.

    Outside of 9/11 (which I have my own opinions on, and will hint at by asking you to look up Building 7) what exactly have radical Muslims done that constitutes them being kept on a perpetual “watch list” versus radical homegrown factions? Tally up all the murders, bombings, and violent assaults that Muslims have committed in North America and put them up against white supremacists, and then get back to me. But please remember, “foiled attacks” don’t count — too many of those are staged acts by agent provocateurs, similar to the “work” that CSIS did in Canada to co-found and bankroll the Heritage Front, before several activists and myself helped shut them down (the Heritage Front, that is – CSIS unfortunately is still in business, no doubt happily dispersing agent provocateurs to every mosque in the country).

    Then there are the issues of what’s going on in Europe today (not during Stalin’s or Hitler’s era, but TODAY). If you check out this blog, there is a good short list of some of the most recent attacks: Go to this blog and click on any of these articles, which are hyperlinked back to their source:

    Russia neo-Nazis jailed for life over 27 race murders
    Germany’s new breed of neo-Nazis pose a threat
    Neo-Nazi violence growing
    Would-be assassin fires shot as French president passes
    Beheading and Shooting by Russian Neo-Nazis on Video
    ‘We Russians Are Part of the White Race’
    Young Asian Knifed by German Neo-Nazis
    3 German neo-Nazis get prison for racially motivated killing
    German Politician Beaten By Russian Neo-Nazis
    Neo-Nazi arrested over Foreign Minister murder
    Arrest In Polish Chief Rabbi Attack
    Neo-nazis beat, injure black Marine in Russia
    2 neo-Nazis convicted of killing black Norwegian teen
    After Attack on Indians, Germany Fears For its Reputation
    Russian neo-Nazis post video of fatal attack on Ghanaian online
    Moscow judge who sentenced neo-Nazis shot to death

    Take from this what you will, but do not doubt the threat that lurks right in our backyards.

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