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wrapping up some unfinished business

Posted by E on November 30, 2010

Soon I’ll be on my way to my old alma mater, Ottawa U, to take care of some business that I’ve been procrastinating about. Since I never contemplated the possibility of going back to school or enrolling in postgrad courses, I never bothered to change all my admin and degree paperwork. This kind of laziness does come back to bite you in the ass, however, if you’re ever inclined to enroll in any sort of program where they want to see your transcripts.

Since my official name change some years ago, all my new ID has come in except for the academic stuff. And of course the stupid university doesn’t have any other way of handling this sort of thing unless presented with all the original name-change paperwork AND a secret ID number – which you can’t obtain unless -again- you’re there in person. Pretty retarded policies, but tackling Ottawa’s bureaucracies is not something I am keen on doing — particularly since I’m not a francophone to begin with, which does tend to put you outside of the secretarial dept’s direct line of favours.
Ugh…..I have to remind myself that at some point, this trek back to the capital IS going to be worth it — especially if I gorge on beavertails in the Market and stock up on dozens of deep-fried samosas from herb & Spice. These factors alone make this journey so much more…apetizing 😛

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