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Archive for November 5th, 2010

something for the wish list….

Posted by E on November 5, 2010


I haven’t blogged in a while because of several stressful issues that I’ve been dealing with over the last couple of weeks. Plus, one of our cats has been quite sick and in turn I’ve been up to my neck in medicating, cleaning and fussing over him to the detriment of my own appearance.

But yesterday partner brought home one of those 1 ml samplers of a new fragrance, Idylle by Guerlain. I also got a sampler of the new Armani (same old kinda stuff), which couldn’t hold a candle next to Idylle. Now I haven’t bought a perfume for almost 2 years – I’m not into some of the new fruity, oriental fragrances that are chic these days. But I always squirt the samplers on, just in case.

Idylle really took me by surprise. At first it overwhelmed me – in a good, love-at-first-sniff sort of way – with a dazzling top note of rose and lily. It went kinda so-so flat in the middle notes, but the finale was just as magnificent as the first drop, but in a different way. Normally I don’t bother reviewing things like perfume, but I had to mention this one. It really stands out – I know everybody’s biochemistry is different, but on me this fragrance is superb. I’d describe it as a classic, timeless, elegant fragrance of flowers and femininity. It’s a deja vu – a walk along the Seine after a light spring rain, a Debussi sonata, mingled with the poise of a ballerina in Swan Lake and infused with the romance of St Petersburg on a winter evening.
It’s simply exquisite.
Supposedly it costs an arm and a leg, but I’m putting it on my wish list – at least until I encounter one that moves me more. So, if anybody wants to get on my good side, see the photo below for birthday gift ideas 😉

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