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The best-looking Kindle cover, period.

Posted by E on September 9, 2010

Yesterday my anticipated Kindle cover arrived. (Yes, I know, I swore I’d stay away from ereaders forever, don’t remind me…) You wouldn’t believe how happy I was that I went with the fire/brick-red leather option instead of the boring and uber-safe black or dark brown options that a lot of people seem to be choosing.

So while I’m waiting for my back-ordered Kindle 3 to arrive, I’ve decided to post photos of the red cover – though something to keep in mind is that my iPhone camera kept trying to lighten it up automatically, so the thing itself is a deeper, richer red than it looks here.

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As requested, new contact lens pics

Posted by E on September 1, 2010

Following up on my last contacts-related entry, where I posted photos of me wearing Sterling Grey Freshlook contacts (my favourite colour so far), someone asked me to post my Acuvue Pearl Grey contacts – which as a close runner-up to my favourite tinted color. So here they are.
Honestly, if you want tinted contacts and are looking for a realistic colour that you can wear to pass for natural, or a natural-looking blue, you’ve gotta get grey (or gray, depending on spelling) contacts. Blue ones like Sapphire Blue look really fake on my medium-brown eyes. I hate them! I don’t tend to wear coloured contacts normally, but if I want to go for a striking look, I wear Freshlook Sterling Grey or Acuvue Pearl Grey.
All the photos in this entry are for the Acuvue Pearl Gray.
I took these with my iphone camera in both bright and darker indoor settings. There was no flash, so the photos came out looking pretty much like in real life.

This is more of a steel-blue colour, cold and striking, like a wolf’s eye. It’s an elegant colour that looks really natural even on someone more olive-complexioned, as I tend to get in the summer.
Finally, here’s me wearing a Pearl Gray in my right eye, and my regular transparent contacts in my left, to give you an idea of my natural brown eye colour.
Let me know if it helps! 🙂

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