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The world through blue eyes

Posted by E on June 30, 2010

Ever wondered how you’d look if your eye colour was different? So have I. And, like most people, I fell for the whole idea of ordering a pair of opaque contacts. I started with Acuvue 2, because I LOVE Acuvue in my clear contacts – they’re so comfortable, I always forget I’m wearing them. So I figured the opaque coloured contacts would be the same. Well, yes and no.
I ordered Acuvue’s opaques in the Sapphire Blue and the Pearl Grey colours, and I was horrified at how bad the blue looked. My eyes are naturally a medium-brown and didn’t look good with the blue sapphire AT ALL. They looked completely fake! Resigned at having to wear it in the house only, I tried the Pearl Gray ones, and fell in love. They made my eyes look amazing, a deep shade of grey-blue. Not really grey, not really blue. If anybody wants me to take a pic of those colours, I will – but before I go to all the trouble, please ask!

So after realizing that the shade I love most is the gray, I decided to try a new brand – Freshlook. I went for the Sterling Gray, which is a complex mix of ice-gray and blue. They came yesterday, I tried them on, and WOW – my eyes turned blue. But a completely natural blue, one that looked great with my complexion. They looked so real I freaked myself out.
So here a secret tip for you – and shhh, keep your beauty secrets to yourself. If you want to alter your eye colour, it’s not just a matter of buying a package that says Blue on it. You have to experiment with shades, because a mix of shades can sometimes result in an AMAZING colour. Like mixing yellow with blue results in green, mixing my brown eyes with Freshlook’s Sterling Gray resulted in this beautiful colour pallette.

All the photos I’ve posting are of the Freshlook Sterling Gray colour.

10 Responses to “The world through blue eyes”

  1. Elisa said

    Oh, and I should add that all the photos were taken during natural lighting conditions, i.e. with no flash, etc — just with my iphone.

  2. You’ve got beautiful eyes 🙂

  3. Elisa said

    thanks 🙂

  4. maria n said

    can you please add the pictures of the acuvue 2 colors opaque grey ones? 🙂

  5. maria n said

    okey, because it would make me so happy:) been looking for a site where i can see what they look like for real because i can only find pictures of sapphire blue and chestnut brown:S

  6. Elisa said

    Oh Maria, so sorry I didn’t get to it yet, I promise I’ll do it this week! If you have brown eyes naturally, the gray contacts will be so cool, not as fake as Sapphire Blue – I hate that one, and now I’m stuck with an extra box of it.
    Come back in a couple of days to this post, I’ll have a couple new photos uploaded 🙂

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  8. Nice eyes.. 🙂

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