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From hermit to social butterfly – is that even possible?

Posted by E on June 16, 2010

Contrary to my social savvy on FB, Twitter and WordPress, I am quite the introvert. Now, don’t laugh, it’s true. Doesn’t everybody know that the more popular you’re on social networks, the more of a friendless geek you are in real life? lol… because, in all earnestness, f you follow the logic that if I was popular, I wouldn’t have all this time on my hands to tweet and FB-post, would I? I’d be hanging out at a cafe somewhere downtown, preferably dressed in black (a scarf tied at the neck being my sole accesory, something mocha-coloured or a brilliant, artistic red), pissed-drunk on cappuccinos and artificial sweeteners. And in a designer tote purse by my side, gnawing on a bone-shaped biscotti, there would be the obligatory chihuahua 😀

But…I’m not that creative. Really, I’m not. Creative enough to pull off the bullshit artiste illusion, that is. Smooth enough to pass as a social butterfly when I’d rather lock myself inside four walls and write, read, or do anything but interact with other human beings. But I will try to do my best this week(end).

So I’m attending the Book Summit at the Harbourfront Conference Centre on Friday. I do hope I’ll see some familiar faces, though with my luck the only people I’m sure to see are my ex-agents – one of whom is part of a panel that is presenting in the afternoon. But maybe some of the other folks I met at the Humber summer workshop couple of years back might attend, so that would be cool. Not that I’m great with faces, but it would be nice to run into somebody I know.

I’m not normally the conference-attending type of writer. Not a junkie for constant agent-pandering and critiques, like some people I know, who make it their business to attend every bloody literary event that spans this city. But this conference actually had an interesting line-up, and it was a really good deal – $120 for early bird registrations, and they’re feeding us breakfast and lunch too. Not bad, i must say. Though I bet if they hosted this thing on a Saturday, they might have attracted more participants.

So I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh, also won a bid on Priceline (first time I’ve ever used them!) to stay at the Hyatt Regency for $85, all incl. Since I’ll be in the theatre district, I hunted around for online coupons and managed to score a code for 25% off Rock of Ages. I know, I know. Big 80s hair and rock&roll. Screeching electric guitars. So totally uncool for someone who’s not part of that teenage generation…but funny enough, I do look forward to it.

Ok, enough rambling for today. Catch y’all later 🙂

One Response to “From hermit to social butterfly – is that even possible?”

  1. I fond this post randomly. Mainy because I wanted to find out if there is something wrong with me. I would define myself as part social butterfly, part hermit.

    Its almost a bizarre contrast. For example I haven’t been out and met my friends for the last 5 months (and have obviously pissed them off) but prior to that I was out clubbing every weekend. I go from one extreme to the next. The problem is that nobody really understands why I suddenly start avoiding numerous attempts to “hang”.

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