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the start of nanowrimo marathon month

Posted by E on November 6, 2008


With the official start of Nano month, I have struggled to balance word counts, the emotional intensity of writing a story as complex as the one I am tackling, and falling behind on answering emails, etc. Yes, my engines are revved up, but the gasoline is burning fast.

It’s a difficult time. Attempting to write a blog every week isn’t helping matters; I have to keep a realistic objective of how much I can take on my plate. And so I am taking this time to openly apologize to any blog readers and commentators whom I have neglected to write for, and answer back (you know who you are). I have to put my blog on hiatus – no worries, just for the month. Perhaps a bit longer. But I’ll be back (yeah, famous last words, huh?)

These days I’m feeling depleted on every level, and it takes all my energy to focus on this book – it has the most potential, it has generated the most interest. I got the scholarship to Humber from the excerpt, then the Toronto Arts Council grant. Next I’m applying for Provincial grants and the manuscript has to be finely-tuned and polished for the grant amount I am seeking.

This is the unpleasant part of the path of being a writer: there are times when you recreate emotional trauma on paper, that it seems to come alive again, to be reflected from all angles everywhere you turn. This is the part when you lock yourself into a room with all your demons, and write, and cry, and write. It is the only way.

There are plenty of great entries on this site: I have categorized the best of the bunch in the tabs at the top of this page. Feel free to peruse and read as much as you wish. And please remember that any donation you make to me via the Paypal button on the top right, however small, would be immensely appreciated. If you were entertained at all by my writing, today or over the last year and a half, please show your support with a donation.


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