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New Dishes!

Posted by E on October 27, 2008

Ok, normally I wouldn’t think to write about something so trivial in the greater scheme of things as new dishes (there’s plenty of blogs out there yakking about daily little nothings, and when I started this, I didn’t want to add to web junk), but I have to make an exception here. I am absolutely crazy about my new dishes!

Over the last week I’ve been checking patterns online, hoping to find the right set – an elegant, old-world set that is elaborate but not too distracting, quality-made but not too overpriced. I mean, we’re talking about dishes here! I can’t believe Versace place sets are selling for $500! – for those of you who don’t know what a place setting is, that is really only 4 dishes – a dinner plate, soup/pasta plate, small plate, and maybe something else.

No matter how pretty a setting is, dishware at that pricepoint is going to be extinct pretty soon. Not even really rich people value dinner china over big-box electronics and fast cars. Grandma’s expensive made-in-England china will soon find its way onto ebay.

I normally really, intensely dislike Ikea. Other than a pair of bookcases, I pretty much can’t stand their stuff. Until now. My web search narrowed the field down to their set, and I fell in love at first sight. I was intrigued enough to go down to Ikea (and have some excellent meatballs and garlic bread while I was there, to soften the irritation at having to be there). In person, the dishes were even nicer. This is the prettiest set I’ve ever seen: the Arv Idyll collection. I only photographed half of the dishes, but trust me, the soup bowls and side plates are just as pretty.

And knowing my luck, they’ll be getting discontinued soon. So I loaded up. It’s the first set I ever get to pick – all of our other dishes from before were gifts, and while nice enough, I never really liked what we had. But we felt guilty getting rid of them. Well, until now.

My inspiration was the discontinued Bokhara set by Wedgwood; I wanted to find something just as evocative, but at a more reasonable pricepoint. And now, here they are. So, good riddance to the old dishware, and hello to my new and perfect plates! And the best thing other than their look – they’re made in Portugal, NOT China! Of course, I may be fooling myself thinking that simply because of that I’m saved from lead poisoning…LOL, time will tell.

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