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What to do with the kitty?

Posted by E on October 16, 2008

Last Thursday (exactly a week ago today) I rescued a stray little kitty. It’s a tortoiseshell girl cat about a year old, maybe a month or so younger. I’d spotted her for quite a while in the marshy ravine area by the houses where I go walking. She never wore a collar but she was always so incredibly affectionate, running up to me meowing like she’d known me forever.

So coming up to the Thanksgiving weekend (in Canada it’s in October, for all my American readers), the weather has been turning freezing cold, and now this kitty ran out of the bushes straight for me. She was as friendly as ever, but in the worst shape I’ve seen her – severely malnourished, with every bone in her ribs sticking out, and the ribbed column of her spine bony against my hand.

That was it. I coaxed her into playing with me while the partner went to get the car and a cage. An interminable fifteen minutes and near-scratches later, we had her in the cage, and off she came into our lives. Poor thing. She was so severely hungry she ate, no, inhaled everything we gave her – dry kibble, wet can food, I mean everything. She even went for a carpet fiber before I got it away from her. (So far with us she looks as if she’s put on a pound already.)

As Murphy’s Law would have it, however, emergencies only ever happen after hours on a long weekend. I was determined to hang on to her and keep her safe and well-fed until the holiday was over. She has been doing quite well, kept in our roomy basement, and I think may have even gained a pound (the ribs aren’t so prominent anymore), but she is battling constant diarrhea. It’s horrible.

Last night we took her to her first vet visit, where she was dewormed (hopefully the medicine will cover the specific parasite in her tummy) and put on metronidazole and special vet food, but it’s too soon to say if it’ll work. (I’m really, really hoping she will heal soon – she has such a powerful urge to thrive). I also strongly disliked the vet clinic where we went, so even though it will be a longer drive back to our old neighbourhood before we moved here, for the next vet visit I will take her back to our usual vet, who has the most wonderful clinic in the world – clean, spotless in fact, roomy, and of course everyone there is polite, doesn’t rush you and really cares about their furry clients.

The issue is, I’ve just spent $89 last night on the checkup and medications, and I’m not sure if I can convince the partner to keep the kitty, who I named Sophie. She’s had some allergen issues with other things, and our current boy-kitty is more than enough. I’m not even sure if I can keep another cat, what with all the out of town work we go on. Every no-kill shelter I’ve contacted seems to be full, and I don’t have it in me to stick sweet, friendly Sophie in a cage at the Toronto Humane Society, where they could put her down if she’s not adopted within a few days.

As a tortoiseshell, I think she’ll be harder to adopt out because her fur colours are really contrasting on her face, and some people might think she’s uglier than, say, a tiger-striped tabbycat. Even though her personality is wonderfully sweet, a shelter might kill her. And if I am supposed to at least attempt to integrate her and Leo (our current kitty), I have to get her to take some blood tests, and vaccines, etc. The cost is more than I can afford right now.

Did I mention she is declawed? I’m not against declawing per se, but I draw the line when some bastards decide to put their poor declawed cat outside where it cannot defend herself, where she can’t even run up a tree if the loud neighbourhood kids whom I see playing around the area all the time decide to go after her. From the looks of her, she barely caught any food – the area is marshy so birds don’t fly close to the ground there.

Before you ask – I had the vet check her for a microchip, and yes, she had one. However, when we called, the phone number had been reassigned, and the name does not exist in the phone book. There are no Missing Cat posters or flyers anywhere, either. If you saw this cat last week, you would also clearly realize that she had been put out and left to fend for herself and starve.

Does anybody have any suggestions, or can contribute even a few dollars to go toward Sophie’s upcoming vet treatment? Please contact me, or click the Paypal button link in the top right on this blogsite. I’d really appreciate your advice, any financial aid, or simply some good wishes for this abandoned kitty.




2 Responses to “What to do with the kitty?”

  1. majnun said

    if u let it out were u found it maybe it finds its way back to its previous owners..??

    other than that cat santuary.

  2. Elisa said

    There’s no cat sanctuaries around here…every shelter is full and exploding with new kittens. And there are no previous owners, the cat was abandoned. Anyway, now she is doing better, gained a few pounds, so I will keep looking for a new home for her.

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