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My very own laptop!

Posted by E on October 7, 2008

Finally, no sharing or using borrowed laptops! Not since my old bought-used clunker died in 2001 have I actually owned a laptop of my very own! Never mind a brand new one. I always swore that if ever I should get enough money from my writing to afford it, the very first thing I would get is a new laptop. And here we are!
I got this Acer on sale, and even though I hate Vista to bits for ruining what was an incredible, near-perfect system that would have made this laptop run way better than it could ever perform today, it will do for what I need it – it’s light, portable, and the wireless Internet card works perfectly. I put Word 2007 on it, which is somewhat of a bummer since all my other files are older, but it’s an easy fix since I can save down a version or two when I transfer files back and forth on the memory keys.

And no, I didn’t blow my entire Toronto Arts Council grant on it – I got this puppy for less than $500 (I’m embarassed to admit how great the sale was, but it was $399, down from $600, but it’s sold out now), and the rest of the cash is going toward supplies and bills to keep me going while I work on the manuscript. Looks like September is the best month to buy computers since they have incredible blow-out sales for the back-to-school season.

I particularly wanted to wait for a light machine (portability is key, especially if I’m to throw it in a backpack and carry it through Europe again when I go back for the Securitate files), but tablet PCs were financially out of the question, and there was a time when just about every laptop was huuuge, wide-screened and weighted down with gaming boulders. What would I need specialty graphics for? I blame video games for rotting youths’ brains. Thank God (figuratively speaking, of course) for the movement back toward smaller sizes and portability. (this baby is about 14″). And I wanted a cheap-but-good machine to a) stretch the TAC money, and b) not worry constantly about it getting stolen or broken.

But I can’t actually believe that I have been able to buy my very own computer, with my own earnings, generated from my very own writing! The most I’ve ever made from writing is $30-45 here and there, based on submitted poetry and prose – literary journals barely pay anything at all. So this is a momentous occasion in my “emerging writer” (as TAC puts it) career, and besides, the laptop is so pretty I could cry. So here she is, for all to see 🙂


3 Responses to “My very own laptop!”

  1. a fan said

    Shana Tova to you and may this new gift bring you many words and possibilities into the new year!

  2. Elisa said

    K’siva V’chasima Tova to all of us 😀

  3. majnun said


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