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How to Start your own Cult

Posted by E on September 26, 2008

Over the years I’ve met so many people who are gong-ho about spirituality to, in my honest opinion, an unhealthy degree. I have my own beliefs which I keep private, but overall I am and have always stood staunchly against organized religion. If there is one thing I believe, it’s that Christianity, Islam and whatever else are just further along the chronology ladder than Scientology and assorted cults. History alone has given more credibility to so many “conventional” religions that have used force, torture and heretical laws to wipe out millions of opponents.
A war rages today, between conventional religion and those freakish marginal movements that are scattered everywhere and are more common than we would like to think.

Almost anybody can become a cult leader, from an average redneck in a small town to a leader of a national Democratic political party. Cult behaviour does not discriminate. Nor does it need religion to call itself “The One” and demand that we should believe in its transformative powers.

The simple answer is this: Religion is the root of all “evil”. There are many other “truths” out there, but we have to start with this one.

Yes, society needs to be bound by common social rules and regulations, but these need not be backed by threats of supernatural punishment or retribution. Just look at dictatorships throughout history, communist and national socialist alike – they were efficient enough at massacring and persecuting millions without installing fears of eternal damnation. But they too had their party rules, and if you refused to obey, you were labeled an outsider.

You will not discover The Truth in mind-numbing fluff like The Secret, or by getting swept up in Oprah’s latest fetish with The Power of Now groupies, or by tying a red string around your wrist, changing your name to Esther and eating kosher.

Anything that defines reality by a set of rules and regulations is to be avoided. Reality is mutable, is ever-changing, is malleable and up to the interpretation of every individual being.

Anything that dictates in no uncertain terms how you should think, what to say and what to believe is to be questioned and taken at face value. The answers to all questions lie within yourself, and the inner voice that tells you right and wrong. If you have to consult a religious book, a political candidate or ask a guru for the answer, you have already lost yourself.


7 Responses to “How to Start your own Cult”

  1. maji6 said

    islam is a way of life. A set of rules and regulations. Its organsied. Its simple, its easy. will provide all the answers.

  2. Elisa said

    LOL! Yes, of COURSE it will provide all the answers…as will Christianity, and Hinduism, and Buddhism, and Scientology, and every loser’s cult from here to kingdom come.

  3. A said

    Very identifiable theme you’ve stated here.
    It reminds me of Amartya Sens’s book – Identity And Violence – where he attacks the ‘Solitarist Approach’ – of how a human’s identity is formed by and remains bounded (to) only one social group.

    To quote from the book: “(thus)…a Hutu labourer from Kigali may be pressured to see himself only as a Hutu and incited to kill Tutsis…he is not only a Hutu, but also a Kigalian, a Rwandan, an African, a labourer and a human being.”

    And so in a very everymans tone, author states that how our singular identities dominate us during clashes of cultures/civilizations, while we choose to ignore other myriad identities within each of us…
    And as each one of us contain multitudes, we choose & emphasize the one among our identities that we share with others rather than those we do not.

    Something you, me and everybody’s somebody would relate to…For a Cult formation these all realisation is necessary, to have a liberal outlook…isn’t it.

    PS: Me first-timer here :)…will follow.

  4. Matty said

    mate your words are speaking out to me, nicely put man theres to many sheep in this world no one tries to follow there own dreams no more instead follow a fu**ing book!

  5. majnun said

    Have you ever picked up the Koran and read it? You might be surprised to see its not something that could possibly have bene written by man. God lay a challenge in it to produce even one line similar to it for all the disbelievers out there… An interesting project for you might be to take up the challenge. You being a write and all.

    Some pagan Arabs alleged that the Qur’an was forged by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). God challenges these Arabs in the following verse of Surah Al-Isra:

    “Say: If the whole of Mankind and Jinns were together to produce the like of this Qur’an (recital) they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support.”

    [Al-Qur’an 17:88]

    The the Devine challenge is even made a lot easier in later revelations:

    “Or do they say, “He forged it”? Say: “Bring then a Surah (verse) like unto it, and call (to your aid) anyone you can, besides God , if it be ye speak the truth!’.”

    [Al-Qur’an 10:38]

    What you think?

  6. Elisa said

    Majnun, a long time ago I did read through the Koran….and the writing that I remembered was beautiful and seemed peaceful enough. But just like the Bible and all the other “holy” books out there, words have been twisted and interpreted by men to incite violence and hatred toward others who don’t wish to follow the same beliefs.

    The strange thing about religion is that people of one faith always think theirs is the *best* following, and everybody else is wrong. Fine, if only they could stop there. But no – history has shown us that many people don’t just tend to practice their own faith – they want to force it upon others, to kill others if they refuse to convert.

    I think it’s impossible to extract the evil doings of men from the scripture of the “holy” books. The violence is glued to the pages, it cannot be removed. I believe that peacefulness and respect for all can only be achieved by removing religion, like a cancerous extraction, from all societal structures.

  7. majnun said

    yes I agree people misinterpret misreprsent the words of God to justify their own actions or evils etc. But one fact remains is that there is Only One God, all the holy books are devine and the final revelation is the Quran.

    The beauty of the Quran is it is specially protected, unable to be altered thus the words will never change, anyways don’t want to give you a lecture on religion. However relgion i would say is not to blame but rather people. There will always be good and evil in the world. Even in each one of us there is a propensity to commit “evil” might just be a lie, cheating, false promise pride etc. There is also the power within us to remain virtuous. And its the sum of the inviduals that make the world.. thus maybe we do need a spirtual guide again in the world..similar to the role of a prophet who would strengthen our motivation to be good. If we look back at the Prophets who brought the devine teachings: Jesus, Moses, David, Muhammad PBUT etc we wont class them as evil. If they aren’t evil then how can the devine revelations (books) they brought be evil? but unfortunately we the followers became corrupt and we have started putting our own vain desires before the religion and then using the books to justify our actions. The Devine books in the end are only a guidance for those who fear God.

    anyways nice commenting to you.. x maj

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