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about the delay

Posted by E on September 19, 2008

Hello readers new and old alike,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to apologize for the delay in posting new entries – and answering your emails. I was away to Cuba (Havana, etc) for a week, and then had to have another week to recoup in what we all know to be the much-needed vacation-after-the-vacation period.

Also, I’ve been making some changes in my workout regimen and taking new activity and sport classes in the evenings, which doesn’t leave me a lot of room to write. I am also not the type of blogger who feels the need to write even when devoid of a topic. So far I haven’t felt motivated enough to rant about something or another, though I’m sure that will change too when a particularly salient topic presents itself.

I’m hoping to see my writer friend from Madrid soon, as she might likely be coming down to visit again sometime this fall. And then there’s Nanowrimo, and all the prep work and writing to do in order to get this organized. And then there is the writers’ group I was going to help start up with a fellow Humber writer, Stephanie. PLUS there is the matter of actually doing some writing, or at least finishing the short story I started last month. Things are crazy hectic right now, but in a good way.

So don’t worry, I’ll have another entry up in a couple of days or so.


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