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Back from Humber

Posted by E on July 18, 2008

I can hardly keep my eyes open and it was an absolutely exhausting week – I will write a lot more tomorrow when the dust has settled – but I am finally back home, and I kid you not, it felt like it’s been a month. Honestly. There was so much information to be processed, that you unavoidably end up walking away in an excited but also contemplative mood, with more than enough food for thought. Although I do have to confess that I teared up a bit at the end – I will miss the exhilaration of the Assembly Hall lectures and the amazing creativity sustained in Richard’s classes, and there are quite a few people I intend to keep in touch with, because it would be a shame to lose contact with other people who share this passion for the written word.

I do hope that everyone keeps their promise to email and get together again, because our craft is such a solitary one, that some days you can feel like you are going crazy and nobody understands the feeling you have when you want so desperately to create, to mould something with your words and breathe life into it. And it is true – it’s such a lonely profession, one where you sit nose to nose with your computer screen, day in and day out, and so many times it feels like nobody else understands why on earth you would be so determined to keep at this instead of getting a well-paying job and moving on with your life. (Oh, and for those of you with well-paying jobs – you’re buying me lunch!)

So to all of you people from Humber to whom I handed my business cards (shameless self-promotion, indeed) and who found yourselves lured to my site by promises of scandalous musings – do try to get some rest this weekend, get some rejuvenation happening, and then good luck with all of your zealous writing pursuits!

Tomorrow I will write more to recap the final days at Humber.  Also, I’ll probably post some photos, though I didn’t take nearly enough. To all of you who I promised a photo – you know who you are – I will be emailing them out tomorrow as well, as soon as I download them from my camera.

Sleep well everyone! 🙂


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