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A summer of portfolios, courses and contests

Posted by E on April 10, 2008

As many of you may notice, I’ve been a little more quiet as of late. I’m still keeping to the goal of writing at least one post every week or so, and at least a couple of posts through the month. I’ve always believed in quality over quantity – at least 11 months out of the year. During Nanowrimo month, all bets are gone! lol

So basically the thing that is preoccupying me most at the moment is the fact that I have to scramble and put together various submissions for a couple of contests, all of which I was informed of rather late. So, over the next month, I have to:

– write a story for the Gay/Lesbian archives – deadline is June 20 if I am to be considered for a scholarship in the summer writing program I want to participate in

– submit some poetry to Eye Magazine here in Toronto

– work on a couple of modern-twist fairytales for the open submission call from Circle Dark Publishing Press

– and most importantly, get together 15 brilliant pages of what will constitute my portfolio for the summer intensive course at the Humber School for Writers. This is a very important step for me, as I tend to be a solitary writer who doesn’t need a lot of critique in order to thrive. The last time I was in a creative writing class was many years ago, and I took from it all that I thought I needed to succeed in this arena. But this summer course is proving to be important to me – the opportunity to be mentored by a famous/published Canadian writer is not one I am willing to overlook. Of course, a lot depends on whether I can get at least a partial scholarship for it.

So wish me luck and forgive my scarcity of original and controversial posts over the next month. I promise to be back up with some scathing remarks on the ISO’s idiotic decision to award the Olympic ceremonies to China. I expect that blogs everywhere are so bogged down with this topic that my new contribution isn’t going to be awated with bated breath, but who knows? I might just get lucky 😉

If anyone is generous and willing to help donate any amount at all toward my enrolment fees, please know that your support is immensely appreciated and I will be in your gratitude forever and ever and ever…..



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