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Bush baiting Russia with a stick: the new agenda, a war with Russia

Posted by E on April 1, 2008


If there was any doubt about the US provokation of Russia into aggression, here is more confirmation straight out of Bucharest:

Unflinching from a fight, President Bush said Tuesday he fully supports proposals to put ex-Soviet states Ukraine and Georgia on the road toward joining NATO despite French and German qualms it would upset relations with Moscow.

Bush’s desire to poke at Russia with a stick until it bites back is basically a tenuous attempt to provoke Russia until it attacks first, providing an excuse for a war that the US has been secretly preparing for.

Looking at recent events in which the US fully backed the “independence” of Kosovo, knowing full well that it puts them at odds with Russia, you would tend to scratch your head and wonder – What is Bush’s business anyway, meddling in European politics? I mean, isn’t he elbows-deep in the muck of waging war in the Middle-East without having to now upset the delicate balance of European alliances?

Nobody said Russia was a diplomatic country. Brutish and boorish, run by Mafiosos and black-marketeers, it is a country that is shaped much like a bear: gruff and rough around the edges, but basically not a threat. At least not until it’s provoked. And it will take a lot of upset Russia into a war, but when it does happen, over commodities like fuel and resources in the Arctic, it will be a hard, terrible battle that will involve nuclear arms and has the potential to launch everyone into a Third World War.

Make no mistake: the US pushing for Ukraine and Georgia to join the European Union is not about freedom or democracy. It is simply about 2 things:

1. weakening the European Union so it is more vulnerable in currency, and the politics grow more volatile
2. provoke the former Soviet Union into attacking first, so as to poke the finger at them and say: “They started it first, not us! Not us!”


Read more about this in my analysis of recent events:


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