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Steamy Ferret Sex involved in plagiarism scandal

Posted by E on February 5, 2008


Here’s a recent story of one man’s succesful attempt to single-handedly ferret out (pun intended) plagiarism of his own work.

The internet is abuzz with the steamy story of a popular romance novelist plagiarizing an article about ferrets. Who is this blasphemous writer? Well, none other than Cassie Edwards, “one of the leading authors in Native American romance,” author of books with titles such as Savage Moon, Savage Glory, Savage Wrongs, Savage Torment, and — well, if you haven’t seen a pattern yet, check out this list of her books. She’s been writing pretty much the same book every month since 1982, with the same title and same model.

Paul Tolme, the original writer of the now-infamous (and some would say scandalous) article on ferrets, writes a brilliant piece of sarcastic commentary on the new-found fame of his ferret piece. If you think you’d appreciate a platter of dry wit served with a side of scintillating irony, you must read his article on Newsweek’s site.

I got quite a kick on the cut-and-pasted ferret article served chopped up with flavour within the post-coital conversation of Savage Bear (or was it Shadow? oh well) and his pioneer mistress. It’s classic.

Crap. If I knew it was that easy to get published in that genre, I’d have been typing up trashy straight romance fiction eeons ago! Wait! There’s still time…..


4 Responses to “Steamy Ferret Sex involved in plagiarism scandal”

  1. The Romance novel writer probably had to seek outside sources to complete her novel because she kept getting too steamed up writing about her Indian fantasy. By the time she got to the post-coital teepee scene her mind and body must have been exhausted. I don’t blame her, John Redcorn (from the Fox Animated series “King of the Hill”)has the same effect on my loins.

  2. Elisa said

    nicely put 😀

  3. Priya Raju said

    Very funny! Looked at the list of books written by this Cassie person – same model, same loincloth. Apparently the Native Indian wardrobe didn’t include shirts 😉 The good news is, that leaves less scope for wardrobe malfunctions 😀

  4. Elisa said

    Now, now – we wouldn’t want him to dress too bulky and trip over some bear fur as he’s out hunting/trapping ferrets, would we?
    Good God, it really IS the same model. I thought I was imagining it, but upon closer look…*shudder*

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