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Temporarily Offline

Posted by E on January 12, 2008

Hey everyone, regular readers and new friends alike,

just letting you know that I’m in the middle of a move, and due to a crappy transition from my regular phone provider to a voip phone that is manned by the most inept company on earth with the crappiest customer service, Primus, I am now without a phone line and left to rely on stealing bandwidth from the neighbours’ infrequent and rather questionable connections.

Yes, I am feeling all shaky and going through cold sweats and being forced to go cold turkey from my internet addiction. But that is an altogether different story.

So, for the next couple of weeks I am entirely offline, and may therefore be unable to approve your witty comments and delightful banter. Please check in with me soon though, since I plan to have another post by end of January. Hopefully I can check in here once in a while, depending on how clear that infrequent and unsecured signal comes in, but can’t make any promises of new posts until end of January.

You can bet on the fact that one of my first posts will be trashing Primus and the entire concept of voip phones, which sounds pretty on paper but is virtually unmanageable in a home office. Just putting the lines together involved so many different coloured wires and instructions over the cell phone that it dawned on me it would be easier to diffuse a bomb Mission-Impossible-style than to make this shitty thing work.

Hope to see all of you soon! Wish me happy bandwidth-stealing!


One Response to “Temporarily Offline”

  1. Temperatures rising
    Fever is high
    Cant see no keyboard
    Cant see no WiFi

    Cold Turkey (’08 Edition)

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