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Keep focused for the new year!

Posted by E on December 1, 2007

148.jpg nano_07_winner_small.gif

On the heels of the last whirlwind month, when I met the challenge of writing a novella in a single month, I absorbed a very interesting truism in myself: I always get the best, brightest, most brilliant ideas about other plots when I am working on something that ought to hold my focus.

Could this be why I am traditionally a good starter but a lackluster finisher? Hmmm. This year, however, I resisted the irrepresible urge to just start on another book and have two novels going at the same time. Instead, I found it quite effective to sketch out the other plots and keep them nearby, and whenever I get inspired about another twist and turn, just keep notes – don’t repress the creativity, but also don’t launch into a whole other book. That’s what January is for. 🙂

Keeping focus is one of the most important resolutions I am going to meet for myself over the next year. So that is my challenge to all of you writers reading this: Don’t go off like a kitten, one minute chasing a butterfly, another moment completely enraptured over a lint fuzzball….keep on track, even if it gets tedious. Keep copious notes on the other ideas, but make sure they don’t consume you, and also make certain that you don’t actually start writing a new book without so much as glancing at your November Nano book that needs finishing and is currently lying dust-covered in the corner…..


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