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Spending time with my Spanish friend

Posted by E on November 25, 2007

Today my partner and I drove all the way to Barrie to pick up my friend S. who had been staying there. How did a girl from Madrid end up in Barrie of all places? Well, you’d have to ask her, and needless to say it’s a long and sordid tale. But the funniest part of it is that her former friend, a Spanish-Canadian girl she’d met online who was supposed to be just a friend, became insanely infatuated with her (despite being in a long-term relationship with someone who is completely clueless about what she is doing online), and enticed her to come to Canada with the promise that Barrie was only a “suburb of Toronto.”

Now, other than the obvious lesson of You Never Know What Psychos You’ll Meet Online, you might be sitting there thinking “How on God’s green earth could someone assume that Barrie is a bleeping suburb of Toronto?” I concurr, but needless to say, my friend from Madrid is finally free of -20 degree cold Barrie and back in the real world.

This is such a cool friendship, although we’ve a psycho bipolar individual to thank for bringing us together. How did I meet S.? None other than at the wedding of the former friend, who decided to marry her long-term girlfriend when she realized that she had no possibility to be with S.. How pathetic is that? To tell someone two days before your wedding that “Well, the only reason I’m marrying K. is because you won’t be with me anyway because I’m not butch.”

Talk about a passive-aggressive guilt trip. Pretty sad, huh? 

Anyway, S. and I expect nothing from each other other than having fun together and being the creative individuals that we are. It is so refreshing for her to have friends in this country who don’t want, expect, or resent her for not returning their affections and endless love letters. I know that I’ve done my part in showing her that not everybody here is weird a la Single White Female. lol

S. has already stayed with us several times over the last couple of months, but this time she’ll be staying a bit longer. We plan on doing lots of things over the next while. But the best part of it, is I have a sister-writer now who has inspired me to get back into my creative works. And on her part, she is finally freeeeeeeeeeeee!


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