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40K on day 16…catching up on Nanowrimo

Posted by E on November 16, 2007


Despite the setback of the first week, where I was down with a miserable, nose-clogging and sputtering cold, I came back through the ranks to close at 40,020 words today.

Of course, I have also lost all sense of reality – I know that I do my best writing between the hours of 6pm-4am, so I’ve just been tripping for the last week or so. As soon as I get up, I roll into the same pile of clothes I left crumpled on the floor before crawling in at 5 am this morning….and back to the keyboard I go.

At first, like everybody else, I thought my novel was utter shit. So high I’ve been on caffeine and sleepless nights, that I saw no reason to think anything otherwise. However, whether it’s due to sleep-deprived hallucinations, or simply my perseverence to work every minute of the day – and edit when I’m not on the computer – I think I may just have a manuscript that, pending intense editing and rewrites, may indeed be of publisheable caliber.

But then I reflected on all those other people who, like me, have found themselves ahead of the pack by mid-November. Apparently there are those who do something called “word sprints”. They sit down in 10 minute segments and bust ass to try and write 500 words. There are some people that have already hit 25,000 words. Which, hey, is great for them.

However…isn’t the whole point of this thing to have a somewhat working novel when November 30th hits? I’m not saying these people don’t. They’re stuff might be amazing, or just as workable as anyone else who writes in four times that amount of time and is barely making it to the finish line.
But If I tried to do that, this is what it would look like: She ran and ate and then went, “wow, I can see through time”. Then the dog barked, making the copy machine eat paste. The duck went, “Quack!”, then drove the car to the mall. Coffee coffee coffee coffee, coffee coffee coffee, donut coffee coffee. Selena, Michelle Rodriguez, Selena, Ikea, Christina Ricci, Starbucks, Selena, Johhny Depp, Johhny Depp.

…And so forth and so on. Would make no sense and I’d be left with two hundred pages of that kind of drivel at the end of all this. So, big ups to those folks who can wind sprint their way through Nanowrimo and still have something to work with at the end.


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