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Boycott “Awesome!” Can’t you think of any other way to express yourself?

Posted by E on October 22, 2007

If I hear the word “Awesome” one more time, I’m seriously going to hurl.

I really hate the word “Awesome”. No, I really, REALLY hate, despise, and go crazy when I hear it. The preponderance of morons who use it as a substitute for a milliard of other expressions is mind-boggling.

For all you “Awesome” lovers out there, there ARE other ways you can express yourself, you know.

If you’re having a good time or have just received a nice gift, you can use adjectives like “great, cool, neat, wonderful, brilliant, excellent.”

If you’re happy and in a good mood, you can say “I’m having a great time,” or “Fantastic!” or “Amazing”, “I’m having a blast”, “Radical” or “Super” or whatever your heart desires! If creativity is scarce, consider consulting a thesaurus – that’s what they’re there for.

Whether you’re a jock athlete after a game, a teen after a party or an office worker describing how your weekend was, can’t you find any other words beyond “Awesome” to describe your experience??

With the arrival of “Awesome!”, the sad, pathetic trend toward singular expressions in the English language has finally hit the titanic of all icebergs: every emotion, every positive experience, each nuance of happiness has come to meet under this overused and cliched umbrella word.

A friend of mine worked at a summer camp for teenagers last year, and at the end of the summer she received a gigantic Thank-You card from everybody, and I kidd you not, every single one of the youth wrote a note which included “Awesome!” i.e. “You’re an Awesome teacher, ____!” “I had an awesome time”, “Awesome camp”, Everything was so awesome”, and so on and so forth. I mean, how pathetic is that?. It’s bad enough kids these days don’t even learn to write in cursive anymore, now they can’t find any other ways or words to express themselves.

I for one have boycotted this word for the last two years. I have never used it, not once. And I have a hard time keeping myself from cringing when I hear it spewing ad nauseam from the mouths of adults who try to act hip by adopting the latest jargon.

So here’s a message to all Awesome -addicts: PLEASE, just try it for one day. ONE single day. Boycott this freaking word and see if your atrophied brain can muster up any other adjectives.

6 Responses to “Boycott “Awesome!” Can’t you think of any other way to express yourself?”

  1. Gnarly post 🙂

  2. cheryl said

    Instead of a—- I am now going to bring back “wicked.”

    I personally could do with out the phrase “that’s sweet!”

  3. Elisa said

    Wicked comment. You rock!

  4. jerry breitinger said

    Not only do I despise the overuse of the word awesome, I also hate the word cool.

  5. binarywolf said

    Back in the day, “bitchin”.

  6. frunt said

    Spiffing. I concur wholeheartedly.

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