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Another Pedophile Teacher in Korea – why am I not surprised? More details on his Myspace&ESLcafe posts

Posted by E on October 15, 2007

Remember last week’s swirly pedophile photo posted by Interpol in a last-ditch attempt to catch a pervert who has been abusing kids as young as 6 years old in south-east Asia? Well, it is now believed that the guy in question is a Canadian ESL teacher working in Korea – and now on the run in Thailand. His name is Christopher Paul Neil and he is…you guessed it….a former seminary student (you know how it goes with priests and kids).
Read-this-article on the latest news in the investigation – and scroll down to the end of this blog where I give you some info on his Myspace page and other web presences.

Of course, reading this news just made me nod my head and shrug, since I’ve been convinced since my 1999-2000 teaching stint in Korea that it is a cesspool for all sorts of expat rejects and societal oddballs. If you read my previous post Expats, Writers, Degenerates and other Rarities, you may recall me talking about my loser teacher compatriots.

“During the time I was employed at my school in Seoul, out of seven foreign teachers, four were regular drug abusers who liked to chase their pot down with hard liquor. When Steve and Andy, two New York-based teachers, took their week-long holiday together in Vietnam and Thailand, they returned with a sizeable amount of marijuana and hashish. As they got high in their apartment, they laughed and shared how they managed to pull off such a feat – part of the stash had been smuggled in Steve’s rectum.”

I also remember another creep I’d met while working temporarily at another school in Inchon, an hour outside Seoul. During that month I observed that one of our fellow teachers, a middle-aged Canadian man with a predisposition toward shakiness, had a really hard time making eye contact or conversation with the other foreign teachers. In fact, the only thing he was content with was interacting with the children. He barely wanted to have anything to do with any adults around him.

Where else in the world, other than South Korea, can you go without a penny in your pocket or a resume that has been verified? The schools are so desperate for Caucasian (preferably Aryan-looking blond & blue-eyed types) instructors that they will currier down a flight ticket, pick you up at the airport, set you up in your own apartment and even give you an advance out of your first month’s paycheck.
And sojourned in Korea, cushy in your 20-hour a week job, you now find yourself in a central Asian hub – where flights to Beijing, Bangkok and Phnom Penh are only a couple of hundred dollars. The perfect long weekend awaits anyone whose intention is to slip quickly in and out of a country that boasts of cheap sex and easily-found narcotics.

In case you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering “Where else did I hear about pedophiles working as ESL teachers in Korea?”, let me refresh your memory: remember that weirdo John Carr individual who boasted of having killed Jon Benet – if only in fantasy? Yep. He lived in Seoul too.

So…yeah. There’s no shortage of losers who find it easiest of all to be around kids, having their cake and eating it too – in South Korea.

On the guy’s Myspace page, click here to see it, along with all sorts of crappy, sappy poetry, he openly admits to being a bum who’s been “kicking around Asia, teaching mainly and finding other forms of mischief.”

Being a former avid reader of Dave’s ESLcafe forums in former years, I tracked down all of his posts over the last couple of years under the handle “Peter Jackson”. Check them out here. In one of them, he writes of having even taught kindergarden kids (the same age as the little boys he raped in Thailand and Cambodia):

Oh, I loved my kindergarten kids, but that was mostly because I saw them 5 days a week, 4 hours a day for nearly 12 months. I saw them grow in so many ways and could not help feeling lots of pride when they graduated.

I bet. In a post dated May 18, 2007, he writes under the title Encrypt:

I’ve never heard of porn been a problem in Korea. On my first trip there in 2000 I remember reading the customs declaration form while on the plane. I was SO nervous for the remaining hours on the plane because I happened to have a couple Penthouse magazines in my bag. I ended up tossing them in the bin at the airport washroom, only to find out that no one would have found them anyway.

In terms of computers, if you’re worried about any “content” there are several ways to encrypt your drive. A friend has highly recommended Truecrypt, which you can download.

If you want to get rid of old files so no one will see, then simply deleting them will not work. You’ll have to get a program like Jetico’s BC Wipe and “delete with wiping”.

He was presently teaching at Kwangju Foreign School . This is what I managed to get from the school’s website before they erased the info:

Grade 7/8-English, Social Studies : Mr. Neil
B.A. History; Seminary of Christ the King; British Columbia , Canada
Canada Teaching Certificate
E-mail Address :

Happy sleuthing, everyone! As for me, I think I want to write about something else now, or have a shower or something. Ugh.


23 Responses to “Another Pedophile Teacher in Korea – why am I not surprised? More details on his Myspace&ESLcafe posts”

  1. Stereotyping said

    “I also remember another creep…During that month I observed that one of our fellow teachers, a middle-aged Canadian man with a predisposition toward shakiness, had a really hard time making eye contact or conversation with the other foreign teachers.In fact, the only thing he was content with was interacting with the children. He barely wanted to have anything to do with any adults around him.”
    Sounds like the guy might have been socially harrassed and bullied too much growing up in his own country and probably has Social Phobia- that doesn’t necessarily make him a weird or potentially dangerous person- just means he is very shy and functions better when not under heavy duty social scrutiny. However, he may do very well at his job and around kind people and people he doesn’t view as potentially socially hostile or threatening. As far as the rest legit analysis.

  2. Elisa said

    I don’t think that someone who has trouble with being under social scrutiny teacher material. You have to have a monicrum of people skills to handle conferring with your Korean-teacher partners, director, other teachers and the children’s parents. If you are unable to do that, there is obviously something wrong with you.
    That’s not stereotyping – that’s being a role model for the kids you teach – which fundamentally is what the teaching profession is about.

    I’m surprised he didn’t go into the priesthood.

  3. Sushi said

    Too bad the Neil guy has messed up the scene in Korea. They say he was popular at Gwangju Foreign school. Their is a Wikepedia about him and about the Gwangju Foreign school. Wikepedia on the Gwangju Foreign school talks about him, and his popularity.

    Heard from guys that did things with him that he liked tabang girls. The girls apparently thought he was handsome, one regular in particular stripped off her upper garments so he could touch her all over. Other guys got ticked off, because they didn’t get the same treatment

  4. Scott said

    Neil has been in a Bangkok jail for some time now waiting for his court case. The legalities of the Thai court system are prolonging his case. Will be interesting when his case does come up for trial. I also saw entries of how well some of his students and their parents liked him while he was at Gwangju foreign school. Seems to have been a normal enough guy from outward appearances. Sure would be interesting to know why people have a preference for younger children for their emotional outlets. Are they hardwired into this preference or what? Saw an interview on TV with a reformed pedophile, and he said that he has to always be on guard, because the temptation to pursue younger children was always rearing it’s ugly. So if some people are born with this kind of a tendency, why would nature or natural laws allow such an abomination. Just doesn’t fit with what the general order of things should be.

  5. John said

    The school he was at “Gwangju foreign school” is kinda wacked out. It’s owned by Robert Holley, and the teachers there consider him and his wife as cheapscate money grubbers. Facilities are kinda spartan, and the owners try to suck money out of the parents for facilities rather than putting money into the school themselves. Lab doesn’t even have a fume cupboard. Geeze. The Holleys aren’t educators, so the administration of the school sucks. They have no concept of correct procedures for schools, and aren’t in the least worried about learning correct procedures either. “The more money recieved the better” is the bottom line at that place.

  6. Elisa said

    In other words, this Mr. Holley is exactly like every other Korean hogwan owner I’ve had the pleasure of meeting 🙂 …

    that is, with the exception of Mr. Park, my old boss from English2020, a wonderful and frail little man who, despite his built-in biases, still envisioned himself as a great educator of young minds(as long as they were taught by white anglo-saxon foreigners, of course.) But at least he paid me extra to organize a library, and certainly spared no expenses in buying up English books, tapes, posters, videos and materials for the kiddies and us to use.

  7. John said

    Right. Seems as though Westerners in general who try to do the Korean thing are worse than the Koreans maybe. They have the cunning of how to milk westerners as well as the cunning provided by their partners of how also to milk Koreans. He came here as a missionary and the religious organization he worked for stresses ethical behaviour in all things. Don’t know how he got side tracked. He plays on his missionary bit to give him an air of self righteous piousness, or piety or whatever, while he goes about his daily hypochritical deviousness at his two foreign schools.

    The missionaries that went to Hawaii went to do good, but did well. Maybe he has twisted visions of grandeur about doing the same thing. Only the Koreans aren’t as generous as the Hawiians, so he has been forced to be crooked and shonkey to have the semblance of limited prosperity.

  8. John said

    Now just why someone who has passed the bar exam in the U.S. would want to come to Korea and practice sure beats me. Holley worked for a law firm in Pusan and then tried his hand at a university job. Teaching at a university ain’t much kop so it seems like he was bungling around for a while. Wonder how many other lawyers are over hear bungling around the same way.

    Now on Korean TV he is seen as the token white foreigener for the Koreans to get their laughs. They say he sounds so ridiculous when he speaks, that the audience are more interested in the way Holley speaks Korean than the show that he participates in.

  9. Scott said

    I wonder how the Gwangju foreign school is going to live down the fact that Christopher Paul Neil was a teacher there. Every foreigener equates the school with him. He always comes to mind when you mention the school. Standard reply is “Oh isn’t that where CPN taught”. School is stuck with that forever.What a hell of a reputation to carry. Maybe the school deserves it.

  10. John said

    The school is actually in an industrial part of town, and is actually quite depressing when you see it. The buildings are old public school buildings, and the neighbourhood consists of a butcher, furniture shop, garage and some apartment buildings. Quite a dilapidated neighbourhood in fact. Students really grit their teeth to cover up their feelings about the place.

  11. Con Man said

    Lot of interesting comments about CPN and the Gwangju Foreign School. Too bad there isn’t much info from the other schools in Korea where he taught. Apparently he taught in Yongin at a public school, went from there to Thailand, and then returned to Korea to teach at Gwangju Foreign school. There are the odd comments around about his time there, but nothing like the stuff that has been quoted from people who knew him at Gwangju Foreign school.

    Seems as though he isn’t getting a lot of support from Canada that we know of. Wonder if his family has visited him? Maybe they have, and want to be discrete about it.

    I also found it fascinating that INTERPOL pushed for his capture the way it did. First time I have ever seen anything like it. Maybe he is just the tip of the iceberg, and it was INTERPOL’S way of making their general intentions known.

  12. Scott said

    Seems as though they are finding more pedophiles every day down there in Thailand. They arrested an old guy in his 60s who had pictures of young kids plastered all over his walls. He posted a lot more pictures on the net than did CPN. Still I wish I could understand why these guys prefer younger(very younger) kids for their sexual relief. I think it could be a power thing, or a control thing.

  13. Scott said

    I was reading another report by someone who did know CPN, and it seems he liked singing in Norebongs, and liked girls too. Hardly what one would expect of a pedophile. Thought they weren’t supposed to like girls. Early entry on this blog said he liked tabang girls. They aren’t the highest class of girls, but they are still girls, so what gives with this guy. He doesn’t fit the mold of your hard core pedophile. At the Gwangju Foreign school he apparently was the model teacher no red flags raised about his other preferences.

    I wonder if a psychologist were to interview him what he would say about the accusations against him. Would he go into denial or would he just admit it. He is saying he isn’t guilty so what about all the pictures of him that Interpol is supposed to have. If they are of him then he doesn’t have a prayer, yet again if there is reasonable doubt about any of them or most of them or a lot of them, then we have a whole new scenario.

  14. Scott said

    Certain parents at Gwangju Foreign school actually were disappointed CPN had actually left. The kids it seems liked him too. It seems that pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing creepy about them at all. He applied like any one else, and recieved an offer of employment without even an interview. He would have passed the interview anyway, so the school wouldn’t have been any the wiser.

    Still why did all this have to happen at Gwangju Foreign school. Probably because bad energy attracts bad energy. Maybe if the Holleys had been a little more education minded and not so money hungry this whole episode would have passed them by.

  15. seal the fate said

    canada thanks to a strong natural resource boosted dollar is where lot of paedophiles live thaks to weak laws and its racist by its anglo country nature. me an asian immigrant to canada detest the so cxalled superficial multicultural diversity image that canada shows outside its fake get the truth. its a country full of pimps, hookers and paedophiles-child abusers and child murder rate is growing. so what after seal clubbing. decapitated children for sale. or clubbed childrenand serial murderers.

  16. Con Man said

    I have only been to the border of Canada, but I remember when everyone else that I knew of, who had been to Canada were amazed at the permissiveness that prevailed every where in that country.

    The availability of drugs, the porno on regular TV, and so on. Maybe there is a conditioning in the form of a desinsitizing that is affecting the general population.

  17. Elisa said

    Actually, Canadians are rather conservative people. Very politically-correct and afraid of offending anyone. There are much more pedophiles per capita coming from the US. Anyway, I completely disagree with judging one member of a particular nationality as a representative of the general population as a whole.

  18. Scott said

    Christopher Paul Neil has just recieved a three and a half year prison sentence from his Thai Judge. It was lenient, because he pleaded guilty. Methinks he had some coaching of sorts to navigate his way through the legal system to get such a light sentence.

    There is talk that his sentence might go up, because of similar altercations in other countries. Still I don’t fancy his chances in Thailands Bankock Penitentry. I’m sure there will be many hard core prisoners wanting to vent their frustration out on him for his crime.

  19. Scott said

    It has been reported that the INTERPOL operation VICO to find CPN and the operation IDENT to find the other guy who was found in New Jersey were used to determine the effectivness of the media in searching for terrorists or other such undesirables should the need arise.

  20. Con Man said

    There is a discussion going on elsewhere about why CPN did what he did. Much is being made of the fact that the young boy or boys he was involved with were prostitutes anyway. There is such a thing as parents selling their kids for sex to provide an income in South East Asia (as heart renching as it sounds), and that maybe the young boys he was involved with came from such parents.

    It still doesn’t excuse people from indulging in such behaviour, but at the same time it’s a hell of an indictment against families like that, that would put their kids up for sale.

  21. Con Man said

    I was looking at the Wikipaedia site about CPN. In the discussion section of the site there is a note to the fact that the staff at Gwangju Foreign School discussed the INTERPOL posting with CHRIS while he was still there as a staff member. He didn’t know at the time that he was the culprit. He found out quickly enough though and fled the coup the next day. Police showed up just after he had left.

    I also remember reading about how the Korean Police knew of his whereabouts at the Incheon Airport, but didn’t do anything about it. Maybe they wanted to pass the buck, and let the Thai police deal with him. Maybe there were other issues like maybe they were told to let him go, because there was no wanted record of him in Korea.

  22. Scott said

    There is a lot more information about him on the site

    Interesting as hell. He didn’t get the Preisthood it seems, because he had lost interest. No red flags raised during his time in Canada about what he has been accused of. They say he was very controlled and deliberate. Apparently not the spontaneous type. Maybe we noticed that as well when we mixed with him.

  23. Scott said

    Another pedophile was found in thailand who ran a buisness for men interested in having sex with young boys. He held parties at his apartment for his clients and the young boys he procurred. The owner of the Institute where he was working was quoted as saying ” I can’t believe it “. Guess he must have been a model teacher. Similarities have been drawn between this guy and Christopher Paul Neil as both didn’t raise any red flags with their co-workers about this other stuff they were involved with.

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