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Japanese ice cream flavours: Squid, eel, goat – not for the faint of heart!

Posted by E on August 8, 2007

Do these dog days of August have you all hot, sweaty and in need of some cool, flavourful ice cream? Wait no more! Straight from Japan, here are a scoopful of delicious offerings that are sure to intrigue your palate (and irritate your bowels).

1. Fish Ice Cream.

2. Octopus Ice Cream.

3. Squid Ice Cream.

4. Ox Tongue Ice Cream. What better way to tickle your taste buds than with another tongue? Though Ox Tongue Ice Cream may not be the first delicacy to come to mind, its taste is nothing to have a beef with.

5. Garlic Ice Cream. Incidentally, Garlic Ice Cream was made in the tiny Aomori Prefecture village of Shingo, which claims to be the place where Jesus Christ’s grave is located.

6. Charcoal Ice Cream.

7. Crab Ice Cream.

8. Squid Gut Ice Cream. Squid innards are often used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine, which I suppose makes it inevitable that it would find its way into ice cream.

9. Squid Ink Ice Cream. If the idea of Squid Gut Ice Cream seems unpalatable, perhaps Squid Ink flavor is more of a tentacled taste-bud tantalizer.

10. Wasabi Ice Cream – you know, that strong-tasting horseradish paste that comes with your sushi.

11. Shrimp Ice Cream.

12. Eel Ice Cream.

13. Pit Viper Ice Cream. Bite into this reptilian-flavored ice cream – that comes straight from a country that considers reptiles as aphrodisiacs!

14. Chicken Wing Ice Cream. Apparently this flavor actually tastes like a fried chicken wing.

15. Indian Curry Ice Cream.


16. Goat ice cream – this ice cream doesn’t only consist of goat milk, but also quite a few parts of rest of the goat.

If none of these flavours seem very appetising, how about the creme de la creme? I’ve saved the best for last. Just see below 🙂


17. Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream! If you always thought that old horses were destined for the glue factory, these creative Japanese corporate types have come up with an even more economical way to get rid of old Mr Ed – churn him up (raw, of course! Horse sushi, anyone?) in a blender and serve him chilled on a bed of ice cream!

Bon Apetit, everybody! 😉


3 Responses to “Japanese ice cream flavours: Squid, eel, goat – not for the faint of heart!”

  1. Tisha said

    As the mother of an internationally adopted child, I try to be as culturally sensitive as I can but, I’ll pass on any and all of the above, I think! (actually, as un p-c as it is, it all seems fairly gross to me LOL!)



  2. […] Japanese ice cream flavours: Squid, eel, goat – not for the faint of heart! […]

  3. Tatum said

    i feel ill

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