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Sex Kitten, Radical Feminist, or Mommy-wannabe – what kind of girl blogger should I be?

Posted by E on August 7, 2007


For a while now I have been musing about which angle I would take this blog toward. In order to attract a good amount of readers, a blogger has a choice to make:

1. Drive readers toward you based primarily on your personality – and you can write on any subject you like, since visitors are interested in you and what you have to say, OR

2. Develop a niche area that you preoccupy yourself with, thus becoming a blogging expert in that field. In this case, readers come to your blog because of the subject, instead of you personally.

For the last couple of months I’ve wondered how I could do both and get away with it. I would like to be visited by repeat and loyal readers, but I’m not sure how entertaining I can be to each person since I don’t know them personally! And as a writer, I tend to like to cover a wide variety of subjects, and really don’t see much appeal to cornering a niche market, even one on the subject of writing.

I find niche bloggers who focus on writing and the writing process to be among the most tedious and boring offerings on the net. God, even I as a writer can’t stand posts on end that cover grammar, how to attract agents, or how you’ll never be published unless you do X, Y and Z.

What niche am I in? I’m a woman, so I could write about woman stuff – that basically renders me to choose between a radical feminist angle (The Bitch), a mommy-and-kiddies angle (The Saint), or a sexual vixen with a penchant for odd-shaped toys and wild encounters (The Whore). Those archetypal personas just about sum up 99% of the girl blogs I’ve come across.

Ok, so since I’m not a mommy that eliminates me from possibly commenting on the subject, or so many would think. So since I won’t be blogging about my daughter’s birthday party invitations or how much fun face-painting and pony rides might be, or the tantrum she threw last night when she has to share her Bratz doll with her visiting cousin. Oh, but what if I don’t want to be a mommy, after all? Yikes, I couldn’t possibly write a blog about the joys of being childfree and not be attacked by my mommy readership!

Being a lesbian, however, almost demands that I take a radical feminist or a sex maniac angle, thus blasting the doors open to new blogging possibilities. Hmmm, so many decisions, so little time!

As a feminist blogger, I could tackle the mass genocide and abandonment of millions of female infants in China and India, or how I don’t think anyone wearing a hajab can call herself equal to a man, or otherwise truly delude herself into thinking that she is liberated from western sexuality rather than oppressed.

But I can just see all the flamers and critics already get choked up in a flurry of ruffled feathers and muffled indignation as they get ready to peck my eyes out.

I will now allow myself the pleasure of fantasizing about the kind of attention a sex blog might bring – lots of adoring readers, a stalker or two, various requests for odd and unusual tête-à-tête, and a genuine elevation of my ego to unheralded proportions.

All I would have to do is put together some scantily-clad photos of myself kissing a girl, maybe some free graphics of fetish wear – stilettos, black leather, you get the point – and an occasional review of the newest and most improved dildo and flavoured lubricant. Couple that with a link of my fav music video from YouTube (replete with semi-nude whiny vocalists) and we have ourselves a winner!

The only flaming I’d receive is from the burn-in-hell type (and we know those types love their sex blogs!), but maybe as a Sex Kitten someone would actually buy me a damn latte and maybe a few books on my Amazon wish-list….

So if you’re reading this, dear visitor, please add your two cents as to what kind of blogger you would love me to be – Bitch, Saint, or Whore! I welcome all comments on the matter!

Either way,  I am beginning to add different categories to this blog, so I can appeal both to niche readers and those who like me for me.

Any thoughts?

Note of discretion to all regular readers: this post is more of a tongue-in-cheek, ironic commentary on the trend I’ve noticed in women’s blogs recently, rather than a definitive attempt to categorize myself. But just out of curiosity, do you find you read a certain type of blog more than another? Artsy stuff, political blogs, satirical/funny blogs, feminist or family-centered material? I’d like to know what you find interesting.

8 Responses to “Sex Kitten, Radical Feminist, or Mommy-wannabe – what kind of girl blogger should I be?”

  1. cheryl said

    Why choose an angle at all?
    I like that your blog covers a variety of topics.
    I came here initially because of your posts on adoption and adoptees but have stayed for other interesting topics you write about.

  2. Elisa said

    No worries, Cheryl, this post in only tongue-in-cheek!
    I wrote it after wondering why so many women’s blogs I’ve read recently fall into one of these 3 categories. I personally couldn’t stand it if I had a single train of thought – or is that because I’m so indecisive that I can’t make up my mind?
    But I keep hearing that you have to have a “niche”, you have to have one main expertise area…so I wrote this entry as a response.
    But to all regular readers, please rest assured that you will still have a wide variety of topics to read from! Perhaps more than ever before….

  3. cheryl said

    Doh! I think I might need to go back and reread some of your other posts with a fresh set of eyes!

  4. Elisa said

    lol…got ya there! 😀

  5. Tisha said

    I agree with Cheryl. How ’bout just an Elisa blog? 🙂

  6. Elisa said

    As long as you guys like it the way it is – a mishmash of random posts on everything, I will oblige 🙂

  7. Amado said

    Very interesting!

  8. c said

    i came to your blog via Johnnypeepers, who does the personality/subject combo pretty well.

    i have to say that i have contemplated this same thing and have come to the conclusion that since i have no niche, and prolly never will, and that my personality is of the mediocre variety, i simply post stories/crappy poems/scattered thoughts and hope for the best.

    i like visiting any blog that is thoughtful and well written. i’ve tried mommy blogs, since i’m a mother, but they kind of guilt me, kind of bore me. i’m not that kind of mama. i’m regular. i don’t really go for the vixen deals because, well, it’s not my thang.

    i like what i’ve perused of your blog so far. i’m sure your readership will grow quickly.

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