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Science uncovers the secrets of levitation

Posted by E on August 6, 2007


Soon, my darlings, soon we will all move through the air instead of operating vehicles. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Check out the articles below:

Scientists reveal levitation secrets talks about how British scientists are publishing a study in the New Journal of Physics that reveals how they were able to levitate micro-objects.

Reading this is bound to make you question that skeptical bone in your body – and whether all those yogi’s and buddhist masters had it right all along – that by instituting change at the molecular level, they can lift themselves and other objects.

Scientists levitate small animals is another great article that details how Chinese scientists are now able to levitate small animals and fish, using only a special frequency of ultrasonic sounds. Their most recent achievements were a whole collection of small insects, a tadpole, fish eggs and even some fish.

Apparently the real purpose of these tests is to develop a method of handling dangerous compounds without the risks introduced by using a container which could potentially corrode or react badly with the compound. We can’t say as much for the industrial applications of levitating fish 🙂

The Casimir effect was first proposed and formulated in 1948 and is part of the larger theoretical network of Quantum field theory, which is a fascinating aspect of physics that I have recently began to explore. Quantum Field Theory, incidentally, is also related to the exploration of the time-space continuum – in laymen’s terms, the search for time travel possibilities.

Fascinating stuff, isn’t it?

If you haven’t heard of String Theory, look it up sometime. It’ll blow your mind.

4 Responses to “Science uncovers the secrets of levitation”

  1. Mindblowing article Elisa. I loved it. Very informative.

  2. Elisa said

    very glad you liked it. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Tam Tam said

    Dude dude dude dude,
    I loved it.
    It was..
    That’d be like SO COOL TO SEE.

    -Kellin McCluffin

  4. Tachyonics said

    The theory of controllable antigravity was already published in 1999. Google “dipole gravity” and you will find the key information.

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