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Helping out at the orphanage

Posted by E on July 12, 2007

s with pencilcase 

This week I received news that the little girl I sponsor through a private arrangement in an orphanage in Sri Lanka has received my second care package.

Over the last year I have been involved with various small charities around the world. This one is closest to my heart. This little girl, who I will name Sarita (not her real name) to protect her privacy, has been abandoned on and off by her mother since she was an infant. Growing up in an orphanage has been difficult for her, but at least she does receive the odd visit from her mother, and she does get to go home on school vacations.


This is Sarita’s home, the Orphanage for Orphaned, Abandoned and Destitute girls. Below is one of the children’s bedrooms, which has been recently renovated through sponsor donations. 


My monthly contribution is a private one, to help in providing the extra little things that she would not receive otherwise: new clothing, vitamins, English lessons, school materials, extra tutoring, and the occasional field trip. Sarita is one of 50 destitute girls living in this wonderful orphanage close to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Their matron is supposedly a very loving woman and tries to give them each individual attention, but that can only go so far.


Each girl has a special friend from overseas who writes to her, sends her little things and care mail, and tells her how special she is. We also cover things such as birthday parties.

s birthday party2007 s with teddy

Sarita has thrived over the past year. I’m so proud of the way she’s growing up. I hope to meet her someday. We try to email each other as often as we can through the only dial-up computer inside the home. I send her photo albums that are emailed to me from school trips, etc. 

 with gifts again

At the very least, I hope to be a constant reminder in her life of how special she is, and how she can accomplish anything if she puts her mind to it.

s group of 4 village-trees.jpg

Sarita’s beautiful village, a Sri Lankan tropical oasis. Her orphanage is 1km from the ocean.


7 Responses to “Helping out at the orphanage”

  1. Tisha said

    What a doll! You guys are blessed in each other. We sponsor several children overseas and it’s a great way to make a difference 🙂

  2. misty said

    She is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Elisa said

    thanks for your comments 🙂
    She just turned 9 in January. She’s a sweetheart. I only wish she’d write more often…lol, kids! I try to send her useful things as often as I can – notebooks, pencils, etc, and tons of glittery stickers to share with all the girls.
    It helps that there’s an online shop in Sri Lanka where I can shop for her and they do delivery within 24 hours for nearly no cost at all. They put “customer service” people here in North America to shame!

  4. Wow! That online shop is a real boon. We can only get things to the orphanage in Cambodia by either going ourselves or sending things along with other people heading that way. Not even the post works there. Setting up a system for money is one thing, but actually being able to send specific items by any method other than by hand delivery is a long way off in that country, I’m afraid.

    Shopping online, then having things delivered would be an amazing help.

    She’s lovely, Elisa. What a smile.

  5. Good for you! She’s so cute. I hope you get to meet her one day.

  6. Elisa said

    thank you, Sandra, Misty and all who left a comment. It’s been very rewarding.
    And oh yes, the online shop has been a definite plus; of course, it helped that others before me were the guinea pigs and tried their shopping system, making sure it was legit and the condition of all items was impeccable and delivered on time. Now I consider myself very lucky to use it!

    I know it’s not the norm. I help out several high school kids in Nairobi, and sending them things is usually expensive and a pain, so I tend to mostly send money through the school director for essentials such as school tuition, supplies and uniforms.
    I also have several schoolgirls in Mumbai who I wish I could shop for, but as long as their tuition and supplies are paid for, as well as a yearly medical checkup, I have to contend that I am providing the most important things.

    What work do you do with the Cambodian orphanage, Sandra? Is it the same one you adopted from?

  7. Congrats on sponsoring a lovely child. You’ve given her a better future than she could have hoped for and a sense that somewhere in the world there’s a person who cherishes her and wants her to grow up to be a woman of strength and significance. I wish your little girl a bright and hope-filled life.

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