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Video podcast becomes 6-figure Book Deal

Posted by E on April 16, 2007

Here’s a tidbit for all of you who still think stale old conventional publishing is the one-and-only, tried-and-true way to go:A recent quote from Publishers Marketplace:

“Internet sensation (and recent winner of the YouTube Video Award for Best Series based on viewer voting) creators Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols’s THE NINJA HANDBOOK: A Guide for Non-Ninjas To Become More Ninja-like, claiming to be the first “video podcast to book” deal, to Julian Pavia at Crown, for six figures, at auction, by Joe Veltre of Artists Literary Group (NA). Ask a Ninja is represented by UTA and manager John Elliott at Mosiac Media.”

Indeed. There are thousands of people every year, from online bloggers to video podcasters, to unwashed-in-their-parents’-basement-nerd-geeks who operate fan-driven websites, who are offered hundreds of thousands of dollars, some millions, in publishing and take-over deals.

The young guys who created YouTube, the other people who started Television without Pity, and so many others on the web, have been bought out in multiple million-dollar deals by major corporations.  There are online bloggers with a bigger fanbase than most Canadian writers today. Publishers come to them, and not the other way around.

Wake up and smell the possibilities, people! A new world is on the horizon. If you want to wait around for a publisher to call you – guess what? He won’t. He’ll be too busy having lunch with me discussing my new book tour. He’ll be too busy calling up people who have a track record of generating their own publicity and their own success. 

There are countless possibilities to begin making a name for yourself, the very least of which involves peddling your manuscript inconsolably while doors are getting slammed in your face. You don’t need to kiss a publisher’s ass any longer.  

YOU are your own agent.

Get busy. Start today. 


One Response to “Video podcast becomes 6-figure Book Deal”

  1. I thought this guy was a joke… It just goes to show if you have an idea…you should carry it out.

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